Thursday, April 21, 2011

Female Relief Society October 14, 1876

Opened with singing.
Prayer by Sister Peel

Sister Morrison addressed the sisters and felt glad to meet again and  bear testimony of the true gospel.  She said there was one thing that presses on her mind; it was the principle of Polygamy.  She always felt proud to be a wife of a polygamist.  The principle is true and holy and we should express to our children and make them understand that it is our honor to be a wife of a good man that has more wives. ......then to marry a man that believes not in the principle. Although there was trouble and strife enough with it, it was the surest way to gain exaltation in the world to come.  She also spoke of the great privilege  that was given to us to build temples to the Lord and encouraged the Sisters to use all the power and opportunity to help and sustain them to build it.
After this good instruction, she gave pause for the sisters to talk.  Sister Fechser gave report from the conference and about Sister Eliza Snow about the articles from here to the Fair.

Then Sister Peel bore her testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, felt well and had a desire to do all the good she can and sustain the poor and keep the commandments of God.  Sister Simpson also expressed the privileges to meet with the sisters.  She spoke about the "Women's Exponent"; what a good paper it was and said it ought to be read in every house and family.  She thought it was about the best literature that a woman could care for and we will never fail to have some good by reading it.

Several of the other sisters spoke in a good spirit.    The meeting was dismissed after singing the hymn "Come Let Us Rejoice".

Closing Prayer by Sister Peel

MFMC  Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler, Sec

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Female Relief Society Donations July 1876

Donations for Jul 1876

1st Ward : Sister Monroe Peterson: 4 G of flour,  2 t? of soap, 1/4 t? Wool, 3 dozen eggs, 3 quilt blocks
                 Sister Didwell Christensen:  27 t? flour, 11 eggs, 1 soap

3rd Ward  Sister Bertelson and Ericksen: 57 ?? (could be pounds), 2 ?? cheese, 2 doz eggs, 3 eggs, 4 ?? soap.
                  Sister Sinaguard Olsen:  49 ?? flour, 2doz 2 eggs, 1 1/2 ?? soap