Saturday, January 24, 2015

Female Relief Society, September 12 th 1878

Meeting held September 12th 1878

Opened with singing "Oh My Father, Thou that Dwellest".

Prayer by Sister Hasler

Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters and felt glad to be able to meet with the Sisters again, said that she was kept away from meeting last time on account of attending to a dead person but her faith and mind was with the sisters. .............She said that many cases of harsh sickness was among us and urged the sisters to sustain all with their faith and prayers that they may be restored to health again, especially, Sister Lake that was.........for spirit a time we should remember her in our prayers every day that she might be a comfort and help for her family, like she has always been.

A good many other good instruction were given in regard to our children and other principles of the Gospel; and hoped that the sisters would attend meetings more is over.

Sister Madsen rose and was very glad to meet with the Sisters after being absent for a while,........said she was tempted to resign her office of Counselor, but thought she was in ...........every time when the thought like that came in her mind,  ........feeling it was a duty for everyone to do what they can for the building up this......anyhow........  Her prayer that we may.........for good reason.

The business was attended to.  Sister G.....Frandsen and Sister M.......were appointed as teachers in the North Ward  and Sister Tidwell and Sister  ?Larsen in the South Ward.  These teachers should keep a book to account for all the donations that are given to them and also the Temple.donations with the names of every sister that gives, also ......... that would be made in each Ward...........   Some arrangements were made for go to the City to get her endowments.   Sister Morrison offered to see to her widows..................     to go through the house  .......Sister Josephine.......for her.

Sister Hafen, Sister Fechser and Sister Fowles gave a......., as a temple donation made by them.

The meeting was dismissed with singing, "How Firm A Foundation"; and prayer given by Sister Johnson.

MFC Morrison, Pres

Louise Hasler, Sec.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Female Relief Society September 1, 1878

Meeting held Sept. 1, 1878.

Opened with singing.

Prayer by Sister Peel

Singing in Danish.

Sister Peel opened the meeting as Sister Morrison was called away.

to a Dead Person.

Donations were read and disbursements from the last month; also the donation for our missionaries, Brother Franzen and Brother Jensen which amounted to $30.00.

Sister Peel then bore her Testimony, felt thankful for our Heavenly Father, that He had brought the Everlasting Gospel to her native country and had helped her so she could embrace.

She said that she heard a letter read from a Missionary, it said that parents would give their children away and would be glad if anyone would take them; felt glad to come to meeting.  She thanked the Sisters in the name of the Missionaries for the money that was gathered so willingly from the Sisters and said that she went down to Brother Jensen, and could see how glad he was for it.  And before he left, he came to see Sister Peel  and told her again to remember his thanks to the Sisters and wished them to remember them and sustain them with their faith and prayers.  She urged the Sisters to come to Meeting and to   one their duty.

She said that she likes to come up to her duty all the time. If she was well or sick, if she only knew that nothing was on her mind that she has to be sorry for.

Sister Simpson rose and was glad for the opportunity

to meet with the Sisters. She felt that we were a blessed people to live in this peaceful valley and these mountains, and hoped we all would realize this blessing and as the Lord blesses us with plenty, we should try to do the best we can for the building up of His kingdom and always be on our guard; not to do any wrong or hurt anyone's feelings.

Most all of the Sisters present bore their testimonies in a faithful manner.

Meeting was closed with singing and prayer by Sister Simpson.

MFC Morrison, Pres.

Louise Hasler, Sec.