Monday, September 21, 2009

Mt. Pleasant Female Relief Society

Thanks to Beverly Anderson Olsen, we now can share with you the Minutes of the Female Relief Society of 1874 and beyond.  Beverly told us that these were in her mother's things.  Her mother was Leota Anderson.  The picture of the original South Ward 1923  Sunday School Class also came from Leota and her husband, Lewis. 

The Relief Society President was Mary Margaret Forquhar Cruickshank Morrison.  Her Counselor was Christiana Folkman Peel.  There were several Secretaries during this time period beginning with  an E. Wallis.  Later, Hilda Dehlin becomes the Secretary. 

The meetings back then, were held at Social Hall.

Mount Pleasant
Female Relief Society
Minute Book

Meeting held in  Social Hall February 9th 1874.  Opened with singing and prayer by Sister Hemmet.
Sister Morrison exhorted the sisters to be diligent and especially themthat has young girls to try and teach them to be virtuous and wise; said a little amusement is good, too much is dangerous, instill into their minds true principles, let them dress becomingly.  The Visiting Committee that went around gave satisfactory reports.

Several of the Danish Sisters bore their testimony in thier own tongue, good spirit prevailed.  Sister Morrison made some lengthey (sp) remarks on different subjects to cooperation and polygamy.  She hoped the sisters will teach these principles as they visit the houses, but don't cram it as it is were; treat everybody kind.  Have the spirit of God with you and that will teach you what to do and say.

Wants that the old and feeble hould be taken care of.  It was moved and carried that Sister Poulson's children should have some schooling.  Pay Flower.  Sister Merrick should have a petticoat and Mother Walker have what we can get for her. 

Sisters Peel and Johnson, (Albine) were received as teacher of the Visiting Committee, also Sophia Stanfill as a member of the same.

Sister Tregore wants to have her child, 12 years of age to this place through the assistance of the F.R. Society.

Sister Peel explained to the Danish Sisters what had been said by Sister Morrison.  Sister Simpson bore her testimony.  She feels thankful for the privelege we have and said we ought to treasure up all the good things we hear from time to time and let us be wise mothers in Israel. 

Closed by singing and prayer by Sister C. Jensen.
M.F. Morrison, President
E. Wallis,  Secretary