Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Female Relief Socity August 9th, 1875

Meeting held August 9th, 1975.  Meeting opened with singing "Come All That Love the Lord".  Prayer by Sister Morrison.  Singing, "Come Ye Saints, No Toil Nor Labor Fear".  Sister Morrison tendered Sisters her thanks for their efforts and assistance in artificial flower making.  She then read from the"Woman's Exponent a letter from Orson Spencer to his children which was very interesting.  Requested the Sisters as many as could to subscribe to the Exponent .  Sister Madsen explained the the Danish Sisters what had been said.  Sister Simpson was glad for the privelege of hearing the Sisters feelings and was thankful for the willingness of the Sisters to assist them.
Sister Jensen spoke of the importance of making artificial flowers.  Thought that if the older sisters did not care for them, the young girls did and it was right that they should have beautiful homes when they could make them with their own hands.  Sister Tidwell, Strom, Beckstead and several others bore their testimony.  The meeting closed with singing, "O, My Father, Thou That Dwellest".  Prayer by Sister Madsen

Female Relief Society August 23, 1875

Meeting Held August 23, 1875. Singing "Come Let Us Anew, Our Journey Pursue". Prayer by Sister Peel.  Singing, "Oh Saints, Can You See the Dawn's Early Light."  The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.  Sister Morrison addressed the meeting and expressed her joy at meeting again with the sisters, although not many were present for the reason she supposed  of the busy times in getting in the harvest.  She then read a letter written to Miss E.R.Snow portraying the condition and labors of the Relief Society in Mt. Pleasant.  She said she felt to take an interest in everything connected with the Society.  Thought that the main cause of the ill feelings which seemed to exist some places was that people thought more about themselves than about others and if they would only remember the golden rule:, "Do unto others as you would be done by", the difficulties would be removed.  Sisters Peel and Madsen explained to the danish sisters the remarks by Sister Morrison.
Sister Peterson said that during the many years she had belonged to church, she had never for a moment entertained a doubt of its truth and she could bear a faithful testimony.
Sister Frantzen (Frandsen), Josephson and Scovil and others bore their testimony .  Meeting closed with singing "Think Not When You Gather to Zion".   Prayer by Sister Morrison
MFC Morrison, President
Hilda Dehlin, Secretary.