Monday, September 27, 2010

Female Relief Society March 20, 1876

Meeing held March 20th, 1876.  Opened with singing "Let Zion in her Beauty Shine".  Prayer by Sister Simpson.  Minutes of former meeting read and accepted, also reports of  donations and disbursements. 

Sister Peel who had charge of meeting addressed the Sister and bore a faithful testimony to the trut of the Latter Day Work an rejoiced that she had the privilege of being numbered with the Saints of he Most High.

Sister Simpson also corroborated what the former Sister said and hoped the Sisters would be faithful and diligent in the performance of their duties.

Sister Morrison spoke at some length on the principles of the Gospel and the blessing accruing from a strict observance of those principles and hoped that the Sisters would strive to let their light so shine before others that they see their good deeds might go and do likewise.

The Sisters of  the Visiting Committeee gave a good repor and all felt desirous to press forward and do right. 

Meeting closed with singing "How Firm A Foundation".  Benediction by Sister Hemmert

MFC Morrison, Pres

Pro Tem, Sec

Female Relief Society March 6, 1876

Meeting held March 6th 1876.  Opened with singing  "O Saints Have You Seen On Your Mountain Tops".  Prayer by Sister Hemmit (Hemmert). Minutes of former meeting read and accepted, also reports of donations and disbursements.

Sister Morrison was pleased to meet with the Sisters and glad to see so many present, and that all wanted to unite together and take a lively interest in doing good in every possible way.

Also that the mothers would encourage their daughters to attend their meetings with punctuality that the older sisters might feel encouraged in striving to do them good.

Also that the sisters in going round would remember the emigration (fund) as it was the wish of Sister Young that te people should try and make an effort to helpout the poor and the honest in heart, that they might have a chance to show what they coul endure for the Gospel's sake. 

Sister Simpson was glad to meet with the sisters and be able to talk of the blessings we receive day to day; we had also great reason for  thankfullnes that the servants of the Lord had been sent the everlasting gospel and bring us to the Kingdom, and rejoice in the blessings of the Last Days; prayed that te  Lord would help us to be faithful, that by putting all ou mites together it would soon help to bring out the "honest in heart"; that this was th gathering dispensation and i was our duty to help gather them home before the Lrd begins to pour out his vials of wrath upon the nations of the earth.

Sister Christensen felt well and hoped that the Lord would give her strength to go around and do all the good she could; she felt to sustain Sister Morrison and her couselors and all that were placed in authority and prayed that the blessings of the Lord would be upon uis Eteranally.

Sister Hemmert bore her testimon and felt well and liked to come to Sister Meeting and was dsirous to do all the good she could.

Sister Rasmussen also felt well.  She had been round visiting and said that the people generally felt well. 

Sister Peterson said it was now stormy and bad walking and now was the time to test our faith.  She was glad to be here and to e able to do a little every day; that if we do the will of our Fathr as far as we are able, it will amount to a good deal that the Lord had made manifest His will to us and it was our duty to work therin, if our hearts were right before Him, he would enable us to overcome every difficulty.

Sister Sorensen spoke in Danish.  Sister Johansen also felt well.  Sister Josephson bore her testimony, prayed that the ord would bless us all in asmuch as we wanted to serve in humilty.  Sister Lovegreen felt glad to be present and thought the sisters would all enjoy a better spirit by attending the meetings.  She hoped the Lord would bless her husband and her children inasmuch as they tried to do His will and keep His commandments. 

Sister Frandsen said she felt it her duty to mingle her testimony with the rest of her sisters.  She had been round visiting and was well received and the people all felt well and was willing to assist in helping the poor.  She said if we could but keep the good spirit, even if we had trials to contend with, the Lord would help and bless us, for He had said He would have a "tried people", and we have no right to expect to be without trials.

Sister Rosenlund felt well and hoped that the people would donate freely to help the poor from the old cuntry.  Sister Fitcher (Fescher) was glad to be presen.  She rejoiced in the knowledge she had of the Gospel and thanked God for the blessings which were daily bestowed upon us.  Sister Nabilla (?) bore her testimony in the Danish language and Sister Jensen hoped the Lord would give her the strength to overcome the weakness of her nature; that we might try to do to others as we would like to be done unto.  She knew this was the kindness of God, or she would not have been here; prayed that the Lord would help brother Brigham and give him power over his enemies.

Meeting closed with singing "All Praise to Our Redeeming Lord".  Benediction by Sister Simpson

MFC Morrison, Pres.

Pro tem Secy

Friday, September 17, 2010

Female Relief Society February 21, 1876

Meeting held February 21, 1876.  Opened with singing "Guide Me O Thou"

Prayer by Sister Peel.  Minutes of  former meeting were read and accepted.  The reports of donations and disbursements.  Sister Morrison bore her testimony and said she was glad to see so many present and hoped there was a prospect of Spring, that the sisters would double their diligence and be desirous to do all the good in their power as there was plenty of  service for all to be dilegent and perseverant in the fulfillment of every duty of ....them, was also desirous that mothers would be united in their efforts to instruct their daughters by precept and example to walk in the paths of virtue and loveliness and by their.....walk and  ....might know them" that mothers would also encourage their daughters to attend  thier meeting regularly and .......with useful knowledg..................................................................................

Sister Peel felt well and was glad we had the privelege of hearing the Servants of the Lord from time to time, knowing in as much as we enjoyed the spirit of the Lord.......(The rest is too light to read)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Female Relief Society February 7, 1876

Meeting held February 7, 1876.  Opened with singing "We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet".  Prayer by Sister Morrison.  Minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted.  Reports of donations and disbursements were read.  Sister Morrison then arose and addressed the sisters and said she was pleased to again be able to meet with them, being prevented from attending the previous meetings on account of sickness, but was truly thankful that the Lord, in his goodness and mercy had been pleased to restore her again to health, so far as to be able to meet with the sisters and unite with them in bearing a faithful testimony.  The great work of the Lord in thes last days; desired to be one with the people of God and dwell with the Saints eternally who had obeyed the Gospel because of the love of truth; believing it to be the word of the Lord. To her, had never doubted of its authenticity...............faithful, knowing that the gospel of Jesus Christ was a Savior of life unto life to those who receive it or of condemnation to those who reject it..~ Always felt well when able to respond to any call that was made to help those who were deservedly needy.

And felt a thousand times more happy receiving the blessings of the .......than the praises of the rich. Exhorted the sisters to faithfulness and diligence and hoped there would be found those among them who would willingly come forward to assist those who were not able to continue to go round as teachers.

Sister Peel then bore her testimony of the truth of the gosple and desired to do good and help her power and to sustain those who placed in .......... and give them the benefit of our faith and prayers to teach our children principles of truth and righteousness that they might, by setting them a good example, go and do likewise.  Sister Simpson then bore her testimony and felt well; rejoiced in the priviledge she had of coming up to Zion and hoped that the light and knowledge that once being imparted would be continued in as much as we desired and to  live our religion. She hoped that if there were any of the children of the sisters that went to the Presbyterian School, that they would take them away and put them into other schools and use every means in our power to keep our children away from outside influences, knowing as we do that those who are not with us are against us.  And through associations with our children, perhaps would leave impressions............regret.

Sister Peterson said she was pleased to hear what was said and hoped the sisters wanted to keep their children away from those schools and if we asked the lord to help us in faith, doubting nothing, that He would help us and every difficulty, that it was the same God who is with us that was with Joseph Smith.and he would never forsake them who put their trust in Him. 

Sister Cecilia Peterson also bore her testimony and felt glad that she had been able to stand true and faithful to her first covenants.  Also Sister Franzen and Sister Strem.  The meeting closed with singing " Guide Me Thou O Great Jehovah" and prayer by Sister Peel. 

Sister Josephsen, being sick, requested that she should be administered to, which request was attended to by Sister Morrison.  ~ Sister Peel being mouth.

MFC Morrison, Pres.