Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Female Relief Society ~ June 22, 1878

Meeting held Jun 22, 1878

Opened with singing "Oh My Father Thou Dwellest"

Prayer by Sister L. Peterson

Sister Simpson addressed the Sisters, in the absence of Pres. Sister Morrison. Asked the Lord to bless her and give her a portion of the good spirit that she may say something for their benefit; bore her testimony to the great Latter Day Saint work; felt so much blessed, instructed and benefitted of the good counsel that we had from Sister Eliza Snow and Zina Young.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Female Relief Society, June 22, 1878 ~ A visit from Eliza R. Snow and Zina Young

Meeting held June 22, 1878

Opened by singing by the Choir

Prayer by  Edward Cliff

Singing by the choir.

Sister Morrison called the congregation to order and introduced Sister Eliza R. Snow and Sister Zina Young.

Sister E. Snow addressed the meeting and said that she had the opportunity to meet with the Sisters and she read our  .......... report and found it very recommending(?) but that it was not all that she likes to see.  She likes to see just as much the important part of the work of the Society. If the sisters work morally and spiritually, if this cultivates the Spirit of God.

Ask all if they were aware of

the work as a member of the Society, such as a member of the Latter Day work or if some of us have gone to sleep and grown cold. If that is the case then

 maybe you are certainly unhappy and what is more in Heaven and on Earth then the happiness of this kingdom would be in this Last Days.(?)

Then she spoke about the celestial law when it was revealed to her in the days of

.......?  She did not understand a thing about it, but the Spirit of God taught her and ..... that she get it and understand more.  She was glad that.....said one more......shows what important duty lays upon the women to bring up our children as useful instruments in the Latter Day Work, and useful and worthy of a nation.  It says, show me the women of a nation and I will tell what this nation is. "Think about this Sister and think and put it to practice in your families and in your homes.  We have no time to..........that was the law for us.

She thanked the brethren for coming and was, and was always glad to see them come to meeting, hoped that they felt benefited by..

She did not come to preach to you because she thought she was better than you but we have our duties to perform and every day of our life we should think of our duty as mothers and as ......workers in the great and glorious work.

She spoke again about plural marriage as a principle that was given to us to.......... prepare us for exaltation and glory that God has promised to them that will practice it............

Sister Elisa is a little greedy, but I am only that much greedy that I want to obtain all the blessings and exaltation that God will restore upon us if we only keep His commandments.  If a man is married to one wife and thinks he can obtain the same blessings and glory than a man that has more wives and endure all the trials and troubles therewith.  We should not ........ourselves with that.  We have to overcome all things that will hinder us to keep the commandments of God.  Would you want a man that loves only one wife at the time.  Who would not despise such a man?  But would you want a man that would promise you that he would never take another?  I would not have him if he was the only man in the world.

If we want to come up to our duty, we have to meet often, and that way obtain the Spirit of God.  This makes our homes happy.  A woman that has the Spirit of God in her heart is kind to her husband, kind to her children.  A woman that attends her meetings can do more work. The woman that day after day works and toils will never overcome her work and certainly be unhappy and makes all her........unhappy.  A woman that day after day tries to do her duty and is willing to improve in all good things until she is called away....... she will meet her friends that have gone before her...... sisters they want to become

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Female ReliefSociety, April 1878

Meeting Held April 29th 1878

Opened with singing "My God the Spring of all My Joy"

Prayer by Sister Peel

Minutes of former meeting were read and accepted.  Report of donations and disbursements were read.

Sister Morrison felt sat at heart because of such a slacking off in attendance of the sisters, but the Lord had said where a few were gathered together in his name , He would be in the midst to bless them and to .....good.

Sister Peel said she thought the time would come when the Sisters would be sorry they had been so .....and had not embraced the opportunity given us in coming together to hear our testimonies and talk of the goodness of our God .

Sister Simpson felt glad she was able to meet with us and was thankful for every blessing that was give unto us and.....humble.

sister Knusen said she went visiting, she requested the Sisters to try and attend the meeting.  She said she was always willing to help the poor, but did not see the necessity to coming to Meeting.

Sister Berthelsen:  It was our duty to set the example to others.

Sister Joplin said she had been kept away through sickness.

sister Josephson was thankful for the goodness of God and she wanted todo the best she can

Sister Ingre Christensen was glad to be able to meet with the Sisters.  All the sisters were satisfied with what it was doing.

Then Sister Peel translated the testimonies to Danish.

Sister Morrison  brought to the minds of  the the Sisters the poor Saints in Wales and a donation was taken up which promise 15 cents ...

It was moved and seconded that we sustain Sister Morrison as our President for our F R Society which vote was unanimous carried and many of the Sisters showed their satisfactory feeling towards  our President and her doings.

Meeting was closed with singing:

Glory to My God this Night

Prayer by Sister Hasler.

MFCMorrison, Pres.

Louise Hasler, Sec

Monday, July 21, 2014

Female ReliefSociety Donors of Wheat 1876 .......cont.

Beloved Sisters and Friends !
 We make this appeal to you in all sincerity, after most serious thought on storing away grain while it is within our reach.  We wish is where possible the subject might be agitated in private until every Mother and Daughter should feel the necessity of immediate action.

Donations by the bushel:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mount Pleasant Relief Society 1876 ~ Called to Donate Wheat

Beloved Sisters and Friends !
 We make this appeal to you in all sincerity, after most serious thought on storing away grain while it is within our reach.  We wish is where possible the subject might be agitated in private until every Mother and Daughter should feel the necessity of immediate action.

It is the express wish of Pres. Young  that all sisters in all settlements set out to work with a will , and in energy become true Latter Day Saints and gather up grain and store it away against the day of want.

We the Sisters of Mt. Pleasant have met in council and have thought it best to ascertain what the Sisters can aid us in this laudable undertaking.

We have also thought that at the very least each sister or mother might help us to 1 bushel of wheat.

We also wish to be distinctly understood that every sister consult her husband and do nothing without his sanction or approval.

We also wish it to be known that all wheat donated to us at this time be stored away in a save place and kept sacred against the day of want.

The teachers going round will take the names of those who are willing to donate, and the amount donated with their names shall be entered in with the records of the Society.  Let it be understood that when we receive the names of the donors we will send round teams in the different wards to collect.

May the Lord bless those who are desirous to assist us in our efforts to do good, and may we be wise as Joseph in Egypt and as successful.

God grant that not one honest heart may falter.

Margaret F.C. Morrison, Pres.
Caroline Madsen, Councilor
Christianna Peel, Councilor
Louise Hasler, Secretary

1st Ward
Christiana  Sina Jensen                                1 Bushel
Elizabeth McCarter                                     1
T. Winters                                                  1
Katherine Hafen                                          1
Lizetta Hafen                                             1
Sine Fowls                                                 1
Line and Stine Johansen                              3
Sarah Oldham                                            2
Emy Olsen                                                 1/2
Line Keller                                                 1/2
Mary Winkler                                             1
Tia Bramstead                                            1
Susannah Thalman                                      2
Lise Joplin                                                  1
Susannah Joplin                                          1
Mis Rolvsen                                               1
Teyentha Jensen                                         1
Kathrine Nelson                                          1
Lisse Fowls                                                1
Mary Jessen                                               1/2
Caroline Jessen                                           1/2
Emily Courts                                              1/2
T Caroline Larsen                                       2
Sophia Christensen                                     1
Sophia Jensen                                            1
Ellen Olsen                                                1 1/2
Mary Brooks                                             1
Nancy Racteen                                          1
Kathrine Nelson                                         1
Louise Hasler                                            1
Sine Peterson                                            1
Ellen Johansen                                          1/4
Mary Peterson                                          1/2
Stine Christensen                                      1
Johanna M. Peterson                                 1
Sine Anderson                                           1
Mary Peterson                                           1

Monday, May 12, 2014

Relief Society Held April ....1878

Meeting held April ...1878
Opened with singing "Guide Us Thou O Great Jehova"
Prayer by Sister Peel
Singing "How Firm A Foundation Ye Saints Of The Lord"
Sister Morrison addressed the sisters.  Felt well to be united with the sisters in capacity of a meeting, said in as much as we were humble in our efforts before the Lord, he would direct us with his holy spirit to lead and guide us in the way of truth and righteousness in all things that is noble and good.  Thought it was a great privilege given to us to be stewards for the poor, to comfort the less spirited and build up those that are oppressed with sorrow and trials.  She also exhorted the sisters to be watchful and prayerful in this .....the power to present that influence and spirit that try to lead us astray.
Sister Peel felt also glad to meet with the sisters and then to bear her testimony, felt sorry that poor health had not permitted her to come every time but her spirit always united with the sisters.
Sister Simpson said that the good spirit manifested in this meeting, felt so much pleased that the visiting sisters came so loaded to her house; thought it was a pleasure to supply the wants of the poor and exhorted the sisters that go around by humble and prayer so that they will always bring a good spirit wherever they go.
Sister Rowe said that it was a long time since she met with the sisters.... but the faces look familiar to her and reminded her that the fellowship and connections we had this mortal body.
So many other sisters presented strong testimony to the truth and a good spirit prevailed and was felt by everyone present.
Sister Morrison read some chapter of "Women of Mormondom" and Sister Hanah Nelson was admitted as a member of our society.
Sister ....... gave a pair of stockings to the temple and the meeting was closed with singing and Prayer.
Sis MFC Morrison   Pres
Sis Louise Hasler   Sec.

Friday, March 28, 2014

March 2 th 1878

Meeting held March 2th 1878.
Opened with singing and prayer by Sister Peel.
Minutes from former meeting were read and accepted. Disbursements and donations were read; also the temple donations.

Sister Morrison then stood and read a letter that was sent to her about our share towards the book printed, "Women of Mormon Home"(?)  Sister Wells related in a kind letter to Sister Morrison that our share was acknowledged but Sister L.R. Snow thought it best to sell the first edition and bring forth the next edition then the sisters could have their share and divided in books (?). But  if they wished, the books would be handed out to them now.  It was moved and seconded that our share should remain there  until the second edition.

Sister Morrison appointed a quilting bee on March 12 for the temple. She also made some remarks about raising of silk, and said that now is the time to take those things to considerigen (consideration) and to plant out Mulberry trees in time.  She hoped that others would make an effort..... good Sister Peterson has left, and exhorted the sisters in truth and faithfulness in the gospel.  She then gave place for the sisters to bear their testimonies.

Sister Peel bore a faithful testimony and felt glad that we were prepared to fulfill the wants and needs of the poor. She also translated all that was said and written to the sisters who could not understand the English language.

Sister Simpson felt well to meet with the sisters and bore her testimony of truths.

Many sisters bore their testimony in their own language.  Sister Ingre Christensen was admitted as a  member of the Female Relief Society and the meeting was closed with singing and prayer.

MFC Morrison, Pres.
Louise Hasler, Sec.