Friday, November 27, 2009

Female Relief Society - July 1874

Meeting held in Social Hall July 6th, 1874.  Opened by singing and prayer by Sister Madsen.

Minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted.  Sister Madsen exhorted the sisters to speak their feelings freely as our Presidentess is not able to attend owing to Business.  Sister Jensen made some remarks in Danish touching on the disobedience of the people.  Said it will be like the persecution in Nauvoo the way they indulge in tea and coffee and God will scourge us if we don't repent and do better.  Sister Peterson felt glad she is one with the rest; hope to continue faithful .  God will help them that will do right.  When we have a little trouble it will draw us nearer to God.  Sister Borg and Tidwell visited the folks in the 1st ward, nearly all felt well.  Most all of the Danish sisters spoke in their own language.  Sister E. Seely bore her testimony to the truth of the work.  She was engaged in hope to go on to the end, always feels glad to visit the saints.  Said she believes this U. O. (United Order) is just as right as baptism for the remission of sins.  Sister Peel said if this Order is the thing that will seperate the bark from the wood, its alright. Lets be kind to one another, keep good company, do right as far as in power.  Sister Simpson made some scattering and edifying remarks and hop to be faithful to the end. 

Closed by singing, and prayer by Sister Peel.

L. Madsen, Presided

E. Wallis, Secretary

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Female Relief Society - - - June 1874

Meeting held in Social Hall June 8th 1874. 

Opened by singin and prayer by Sister Peel.

Minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted.

Sister Morrison made a few  remarks concerning some questions (that) were asked her about the "U.O.".  Whether the Sisters that had not joined should be debarred from any priveleges.   She said, "by no means, let everybody be treated with respect. After while we'll have to organize.  If we believe President Young being the mouthpiece of God, we will endeavor t do the best we can."  Sister Madsen spoke her feelings; that it would be our own advancement if we would unite and manufacture our own clothing.  Sister Peel felt well in well doing; said if we can't do good, let us not do evil.  Sister Simpson bore her testimony, feels glad to mingle her voice with the rest.

Sister Tidwell and Borg were out visiting and brought in good reports of the 1st Ward.  Also, Sisters Monrow and Branstead of the same Ward.  Sister Bransted exorted the Sisters to be clean, both in and outside.

Most of the Danish Sisters bore their testimony in their own language.  Sisters C. Jensen and Strem visited the 3rd Ward; saaid their were peculiar feelings among the people.  Said, "if we would put our trust in God, more, we  would get along better. Sister Fetcher felt glad to be at the meeting, to listen to the instructions given and partake of the same spirit. She  said we can manufacture a variety of nice things for our own use instead of paying so much means out of the place.

Sister M Rasmussen felt well and said "all should do right.  This U.O. is the best thing that ever came along.  One thing is to commence a thing and another to carry it out satisfactorily."  Sister Olsen felt glad to be present, for shad not been able to come before today because of sickness.  She hoped that the people will more united.

Sister Morrison encouraged all to go on and do the best theyycan, teach true principles to the young, attend our meetings and bring your neighbors along.

Meeting closed by singing and prayer by Sister Branstead.

M.F. Morrison, Presidentess

E.W. Secretarry

Friday, November 13, 2009

FEMALE RELIEF SOCIETY - - - May 11th, 1874

May 11th, 1874

Opened by singing and prayer by Sister Peel.  Minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted.  Sister  Morrison made a few remarks concerning the "United Order".  She said its like a new revelation to us in a way; hoped that we may be all prepared  for everything that will come along and also mentioned about this day being the 5th anniversary of the F.R. Society.

Sisters Monroe and Bransted both felt well; Sister Christina Jensen feels to do all the good she can to sustain this work.  She feels satisfied that something must come to wake us up and be one for Jesus said if we are not one, we ar none of his.  Several of the sisters spoke in Danish.  A good spririt prevailed.  Sister Seely and Sister Peterson visited the 4th Ward and gave good reports. . . hope to continue faithful so as to be worthy of the blessings from the faithful.  sister Peterson and Christison bore their testimony and felt well and feel something must come to unite us.  Sister Morrison remarked that the Gospel is good news to them that receive it. Let us remember that our desire was to be saved in the Kingdom of our God.  Everything that has been revealed is for our good.  For instance, now . Celestial Marriage, baptism for the dead, our journey across the plains that has been a trial for some.  This "United Order" is one more thing to purify us; let us trust in God and do the right.

A vote was taken that all present would fast and pray on the first Thursday in the next month that Sister Olsen's little girl should be restored to her health again.  Sister  Peel explained in the Danish language what had been said and made a few remarks.  Sister Winkler and Harsley  felt well, hope to remain to the end.  Sister Harsley hoped that more united will soon bind us more together.  She said let us encourage the Sunday School. . .  that will be one step towards it.   Sister A. Johnsen gave good reports of the 3rd Ward.

Closed by singing and prayer by sister Hemmet.

M.F.Morrison, President

E. Wallis, Secretary

Female Relief Society - - - April 6, 1874

Meeting held in Social Hall, April 6th, 1874. Opened by singing and prayer by Sister Simpson. Minutes of a former meeting were read and approved of.

Sister Morrison expressed her gratitude to all presentfor assembling together with such a good influence. Then she called for the Visiting Teachers to give in their reportts and let us hear how the people feels (sp)

The Teachers accordingly gave favorable reports; few wants among the poor. Sister Tregore is in need of assistance. Brother C. Anderson wished to pay the Dr. 3-50, but not able to do so. The Society agreet to pay it in flower (sp).

Several of the Sisters made a few remarks and expresssd themselves freely. Sister Morrison spoke toothe Mothers to teach their little ones to pray, let

them grow up in the fear of the Lord - pure and holy before Him. For God will in a measure hold us responsible for them. And in regard to the "U.O.",let us be faithful and true to our calling, for God requireth nothing more than we can perform. Also spoke about our meeting house being in such a dirty and filthy condition and grieved to think that a place of worship should be kept in such a way. A vote was called for; that we should clean it. It was responded too.

Closed by singing. Prayer by Sister Peterson.

M.F. Morrison, Presidentess

E. Wallis, Secretary