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Relief Society Meeting held June 11th 1877

Meeting held June 11th 1877

 Opened with singing

Prayer by Sister Morrison

Sister Morrison addressed the sisters and said that business called her away and prevented her to attend fully to this meeting and she hoped that all the sisters  .... for a good purpose, so they will have a good time anyhow.

 After she left most all the sisters bore their testimonies in a faithful manner. Sister Josephsen spoke and felt like she would try to do good, but she can not .......she seeks to be a good Latter Day Saint and a good member of the Society, but she thought she could not come  ..... to it.

Sister Christine Jensen then testified that she visited Sister Josephsen's house almost from the beginning of the Society, and that she never left her home without a gift for the poor, and as a general thing treated the sisters with something good to eat

Sister Fechser brought in the report how she was getting along at Manti, looking for the Brethren felt well and was glad to do a little good towards the great work and was glad to have been chosen.

Sister Peterson spoke some about the silkworms and encouraged the sisters to take an interest in it and also she bore a faithful testimony to the truth; said that she was baptized in the church for 24 years and never faltered a minute, that this kingdom? was not the only truth in this world.

All felt well and a good spirit prevailed.

Meeting was closes with singing "We Thank Thee God for the the Prophet and prayer by Sister Peterson.

MFC Morrison Pres.

Louise Hasler, Sec

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Female Relief Society May 28, 1877

Opened with singing

Prayer by Sister Peel

The minutes from the former meeting were read and accepted, and also the yearly account of all what was done in the Society from May 11, 1876 to May 11, 1877.

As there was not but 19 $ and 85 cents for the book, "Women of Mormondom" instead of 25$ it was moved and seconded that we would borrow the 5$ from the Emigration money that was laying in the treasure case and pay it back as soon as are able.  The vote was unanimous.

Then Sister Morrison spoke about the silkworms and begged we take an interest in it, and divide the eggs that we have on hand among them, that none of them be wasted, and by so sharing, we carried out the counsel of our President, Brigham Young, and increase in the small things so that we may be able to come up to greater things.

Sister Morrison remarked also that it was custom that every year the Sisters had the privilege to vote for the President, and so the.... now and reminded the sisters that she would leave Mt. Pleasant in a few months to make her home in Richfield, but promised to be one with us all the time and as often as she came to her home here; she would be sure and attend our meetings and correspond with us as often as we wish to.  She thanked the Sisters for their well ... and faithfulness towards her, and prayed the Lord that He may bless this Society that we may prosper in every good thing, and be on hand to every call that will be made to us.

Sister Peel rose and felt glad for the progress we have made in the society when originated, and said how well she felt when she visited the Sisters, but she never left her home without asking the Lord to be with her, and guide and direct her in all things  .....  would benefit her and the Sisters she was visiting.

Many of the other Sisters bore their testimony, felt glad to ....., that we had ..... a little good this year.  Most all rose to speak and expressed their feeling...  ....should think about becoming the President ....that done so much good and been so faithful to her duty; but were in hopes that she would not leave us entirely, and come and associate with us whenever she had a chance to do so.

A good feeling prevailed and the meeting was closed with singing and prayer by Sister Jensen.

MFC Morrison, President

Louise Hasler, Secretary

Female Relief Society held May 14, 1877

Meeting held May 14, 1877
Opened with singing 
Prayer by Sister Peel

 Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters and brought the report from Manti where she went ........furnish the house that was built for our workmen to live in.  She said that when she left it was completely finished and and furnished with all the necessary items to make our brethren comfortable.   She ....... to the Sisters everything ......was in the house so that every ....... have an understanding of what ......., and everyone felt pleased for the good progress have been made.

Sister Peel spoke and translated to the Sisters all that was said and bore her testimony to the good work.  Sister Madsen felt also pleased and encouraged the Sisters in ..... good and by our Danish men where a call is made and a good deed ......and especially to the Temple that we can do the work for the living and for the dead when the Temple is finished.

Many of the other sisters bore their testimony in their own language. 

Meeting was closed with singing and prayer by Sister Jensen

FCM Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler, Sec

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Female Relief Society, April 31, 1877

 Meeting held April 31, 1877

Opened with singing

Prayer by Sister Peel

Sister Morrison addressed the sisters, she felt well and please as the way was opened for us to build a temple on our very door and exhorted the sister to be diligent and to be on hand with a willing heart to as was our power to do.  And the call was made on the Brethren to commence the work next week; we should try to do the best we can to sustain them in their work, therefore we would meet in capacity of a council meeting.  First the Sisters give their.......that a call should be made on every sister in Mount Pleasant to donate 25 cents towards the furnishing of the house that was built at Manti for our brethren to eat in.  Every Sister present gave her name down for 25 cents and the visiting sisters promised to go around the next day and gather all the they could get. Then the sisters volunteered to go and cook for the brethren as follows:

1 week, Stine Mangeson and Maggie Peel, 
Sister Kath Fechser and Lucy Winkler
Sister Peel and Anne Peel
Sine Monroe and Sine Morrison
Sister Brown? and  Mary Johnson
Sister Porter

After this the sisters volunteered to stay with Sister Anna at night and also with another sick sister.
Meeting was closed with singing and Prayer by Sister Frandsen.
MFC Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler Secr.

Meeting held April16th 1877
Opened with singing "Come Let Us Rejoice, Our Journey Pursue".
Prayer by Sister Madsen
The minutes from the former meeting were read and accepted, also the donations and disbursements.
Sister Peel addressed the Sisters and said that sickness prevented Sister Morrison to be in our meeting today. She felt well and pleased to see so many of the Sisters together, also she could only see the same faces as general used to by her every time and thought it would not hurt any of the Sisters if they would be a little more united and come to meeting and hoped the good spirit would be with us as Latter Day Saints. We need so much to be united in all things.  She bore her testimony as to the truth and said that she had lived in this town for 17 years and thought everybody must know her as a woman that when she was called to ....some good to her Sisters and Brothers, had always a good desire to ......... and there to others as she had a good desire to ......further the best she can.  She said that she not left her house to a Sister Meeting yet without asking the Lord to bless Sister Morrison  and all them that was placed over her and prayed for herself that the good spirit and wisdom may lead and guide us in all things.
Sister Madsen bore her testimony to the great work we were engaged in.  She said it was many things that she like to talk on but it was very hard for her to get it out, she felt very glad that the sisters was so much united much good to Sister Anna in the Fort, she thought first it was very hard for the Society to take care over, but the sisters was united enough to make her comfortable both day and night and made her comfortable in ways she needed.  She exhorted the sister to be further united and our success will be ... share in every good thing.
Sister Simpson also felt well, and was glad for the opportunity to have a testimony to bear to this glorious work,  She did not feel to say much but desired to press forward.
Many of the Sisters bore their testimony in a thankful and humble manner.
The meeting was closed with singing "Do What Is Right" and the benediction by Sister Frandsen
MFC Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler Secretary

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Female Relief Society ~ April 1877

Meeting held April 2, 1877
Opened with singing: We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet
Prayer by Sister Peel
Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters, felt glad to have given opportunity to hear a testimony of the glorious gospel which we have and had a good desire to press forward.  She brought the sisters of the covenants we have made in the waters of baptism and we should remember the calling as Mothers of Zion, and try to be worthy of this name, ad also the Lord has blessed us with a portion of his Priesthood.  We should always try to act to our calling, and purpose, the Lord placed us on this earth for.  It is but a short time we have the privilege to do the work.  Let us try and be faithful in all things.  Then she read a piece in the Women's Exponent which had a great effect on our sisters for the good.
Sister Peel rose and felt glad to bear a testimony, had always a good desire to do the best for everybody from her childhood, she said it was 24 years since she embraced this gospel and the Lord had blessed her in p.... and blessed her now with faith she needed, She felt to serve the Lord as long as He will spare her on this earth.
Sister Madsen also was glad to meet with the sisters and exhorted the sisters to union and faithfulness, said in that lays our strength. When we cling together, and be united in everything we do.  Let us bear with our trials and troubles and when we can do a good deed, let us be on hand and do it unitedly.  Then the Lord will bless us.
Sister Simpson bore her testimony and felt very much built up by that which had already been said and said that her feelings been moved of that good piece that was read of the Women's Exponent and every time she reads in this ....paper, it goes to the heart, and thought it will do so much good to everybody that takes an interest in reading this good instruction.
Many of the sisters bore their testimony as long as the time was ....  And Sister Morrison talked to the sisters in short of the principles of Polygamy to be aware of the necessity of this holy principal was revealed to us , and it was a duty every man and woman to go in to it and not for us women to be a stumbling block in our husband's way, as there is trials and troubles, it is through that, the surest way to eternal salvation.

Meeting was closed with singing:  Let us Pray, Gladly Pray and Benediction by Sister Madsen.
M C Morrison, Pres.
Louise Hasler, Sec.
It was also moved and seconded that Sister Hannah Peel be a member of the F. M Society and belong to the visiting committee.

Sister Hanna Madsen and Sister Christensen  appointed to help the visiting committee in the 3rd ward.

Sister .......and Sister Jensen were also appointed to help the visiting committee in the 1st ward.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Female Relief Society ~ March 1877

Opened with singing:  Oh My Father Thou That Dwellest
Prayer by sister Madsen Peel
Singing: All Praise to Our Redeemer
Sister Morrison addressed the sisters; felt well and pleased to be together with her sisters since she has been away from her home for a short time; she was called to her family unexpectedly because of a death.  She enjoyed her visit as well as circumstances allowed both improved very much her health.  She said to the sisters that in her absence, business was neglected; we would attend to that first and then we would spend the rest of the time in bearing the testimonies.
Then the disbursements were read out, and also the income from the last two months.  Sister Morrison encouraged the visiting sisters to keep a strict account of the ...... they have gathered, and also have every name on their list of the sister that have given.  She said that the 11th of May .... by and hand over. ....we used to make up our yearly report and then send to the Women's Exponent, also she would like everything .... up as she thinks it is the last report she makes out among us, then she will be called away in a short time to her family.
It was moved and seconded that Elizabeth Jensen was admitted as a Member of the Female Relief Society and also a Member of the Visiting Sisters; motion was unanimous.
Sisters were appointed to tend to Sister Anna and also to Sister (Nyberg?) in the nighttime.
After all the business was tended to many of the sisters bore their testimony in true and faithful name.  Sister frandsen remarked to the sisters the greatness and mercy of our Heavenly Father who preserved us from the hour we left our native country both on the land and the sea; has been with and  all trouble and temptation  and blessed us all with good things.  Why should we not show our good will to our fellow creature and all the good to them we can, then only by ... duty we have a right to call on our Father in Heaven to bless us when we show by our deeds, that we are His children and try to walk in His paths.
Meeting was closed with singing:  Now Let Us Rejoice In The Day of Salvation.
Prayer by Sister Peterson
M C Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler Sec.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Female Relief Society February 19, 1877

                     Meeting held February 19, 1877.
Opened with singing:  Praise Thee The Lord
Prayer by Sister Jensen
The minutes from the former meeting were read and accepted.
Sister Madsen addressed the sisters and said that Sister Morrison could not be present for an accident that happened to poor Sister the Fort, who broke her leg this morning.  Sister Morrison assisted her.  When the Doctor fixed her leg, and not been well before, so she is not able to attend meeting.  Sister Madsen brought in mind of the Sister to remember this  poor sister that was low spirited before and now felt very l....; to go visit her and comfort her both temporally and spiritually.  She said that it was our duty to try to get somebody to stay with her at least in the night time.  Then she talked about the Book of Mormon,....... as some misunderstanding was among the sisters about it.  She corrected the meaning of .... certainly was not the meaning of the danish and told them that would certain that Book would be a good work.
She encouraged the sisters to remember our President, Sister Morrison with their faith and prayers and said that we not realize the callings she has to come up to, as her constitution is so much tried, that she is not as well as she could be.  Then she gave place for the sisters to bear their testimony and feel free .  Many of the sisters bore their testimony and most in their own language and talked a good deal about polygamy.  A good spirit prevailed and the meeting was closed with singing "Come to My ......To the Saints.  And prayer by Sister Jensen.
M.C. Morrison, Pres.
Louise Hasler, Sec

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Female Relief Society February 5, 1877

Meeting held February 5th 1877 Opened with Singing "Sweet is Thy Word, My God, My King". Prayer by Sister Morrison The minutes from the former meetings were read and accepted. Sister  Morrison addressed the Sisters . Feeling well to have another opportunity to meet.  Also she felt not able to say much as she was sick for the last few days, but it strengthened and was much pleased to see the meeting so well attended.  She encouraged the Sisters to bear their testimony of the great and glorious work we are  engaged; to be on guard, and to do our duty day by day, ad to do all the good  we can. Sister Peel felt well to be here together with the Sisters, she hoped that the good attendance of the Sisters will continue and a good feeling and united spirit will be with them.  She felt well and had always a good desire   to do the Will of the Lord and accept his Commandment, and will always do the same.  She thought it would not hurt any of the Sisters to come to the meeting once in a month.  she would feel so much better and all would be benefited by. Sister Simpson felt much gratified to bear her testimony to the great and glorious work we are engaged in and bore a faithful testimony to the true gospel. Sister Peterson bore her testimony; felt thankful to the Lord that He gathers us from different countries and considered how pleased we "Mothers of Israel" can by to .....our Sons and Daughters in security while the nation prepares for war, and father and son have to go to their call. Sister Lofgreen related a dream she had not long ago which was interesting.  Many of the Sisters bore faithful testimony both in English and Danish. The meeting was closed with singing: Come all the Saints throughout the Earth. Prayer by Sister Peel MFC Morrison, Louise Hasler, Sect

Female Relief Society February 1877

Dance held 2th February 1877 for the benefit of the book called the "Women of Mormon .... Reserved from the store for tickets                                        $1.50. Donation from Sister Seely                                                        .25 Sister Strom                                                                              .25 Sister Peel                                                                                 .25 Sister Simpson                                                                           .25 Sister Peterson                                                                           .25 Sister Fechser                                                                             .25 Sister Josephsen                                                                         .25 Sister Lofgreen                                                                           . 25                                                                                                  3.50

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Female Relief Society ~ January 22, 1877

Meeting held the 22nd January 1877 Opened with singing.. Prayer by Sister Peel Singing Sister Morrison opened the meeting and said that this was our business meeting and we would attend to that first.  The collections were read and the expenditures also. After that Sister Morrison read a letter from the Sisters of Ephraim as  requested by Sister Elise snow to take shares of the book that was called: "The Women's of Mor.....  The latter said that the Sisters throughout the territory will take shares and each share is 25 #.  Manti offered one share and Ephraim also.  So the Sisters counseled together and found best to take one share and have dances until we have raised the.....#. It was also moved and seconded that Christiana Jorgesen was appointed as one of the visiting Sisters and it was unanimous. After we were through with the business, several of the Sisters bore their testimony.  Then after singing and prayer the meeting was adjourned until  February. C.M. Morrison, Pres Louise Hasler, Secretary

Female Relief Society ~ January 1877

Meeting held 8 Jan 1877 Opened with singing Come the Glorious Day of Promise Prayer by Sister Madsen Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters and felt gratified to have an opportunity to meet again with the Sisters in the New Year and was more glad to see so many of the Sisters together and hoped that with the Spirit of the Lord we could have a good meeting She said there was things she would like to talk about, but she would like to hear the Sister's Testimonies.  One thing presses upon her mind as we have began a new year we will try to .......... to every call and duty, there is a short ........where we can be at work, and we are placed on the earth for the purpose to do good.  Therefore, let us be faithful, that we not be as the foolish virgins that had no oil in their lamps........ Behold the Bridegroom comes. She made valuable remarks about being united and ......not to talk against one another's feelings; also to learn our children to do the same by prayerful and show a good example in all things.  Then she gave place for the Sisters to talk. Sister Madsen said that she felt so pleased to see so many of the Sisters here and hoped that this good attendance will continue in the new year so that we will have meetings that the Sisters can be benefitted by. Most all of the Sisters present bore their testimony, not one rose to speak that had not a good desire to do better in the New Year. Sister Seely and Sister Row from Dusschvally (probably Indianola) were present both felt well and pleased to meet with their Sisters and ..... opportunity they long missed. Sister Rowe brought some very good report from the Lamanites there, that were anxious to hear from the Gospel of  Jesus Christ and showed themselves willing to every good thing that were taught to them. All the Sisters went home with cheerful countenance, showing that a good spirit prevailed in our meeting. Meeting was closed after singing and prayer. M. Morrison President Louise Hasler, Secretary