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Female Relief Society April 17, 1876

Meeting held April 17th 1876.  Opened with singing "O Saints Have You Seen on Your Mountain Tops"

Prayer by Sister Peeel.  Minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted.  Also reports of donns and disbursements.

Sister Morrison addressed the meeting at some length and was glad to see so many present annd hopd now that the weather was fine that the sisters would make in convenient to come to meeting, that the house mibht be filled and the Spirit of the lord might fill every bosom to overflowing.  She hoped that the sisters belonging to the visiting commiettee would be particularl to keep a correct accounting of donations received by them no matter how small, so that a correct report could be made at the end of the year.. also to remember the coming emigration.  There wer some who had donated last meeting, but there were still many more that might do so, that every little would help.  That the Lord did not look at the amount given so much as the spirit in which it was given, for He loved a cheerful giver.. That now was the gathering of the dispensation that the servants of the Lord had been called to go to the nations of the earth to gather out the honest in heart and prepare for the second coming of the Mesiah.

Sister Peel spoke in the Danish language and interpreted what had been previously said so that all might be efited.  Many of the sisters bore a faithful testimony to the great work of the last days and rejoiced in the privelege affordedthem of hearing the servants of the Lord from time to time.

It was proposed and seconded that our meetings which were held semi-monthly should be continued; one a testimony meeting , the other a business meeting alternately.

Meeting closed with singing and benediction by Sister Peterson.

It was also moved and seconded that Sister Hasler should be appointed Assistant Secretary for the Relief Society which was unanimous.

MFC Morrison  President

Secty: pro tem

Female Relief Society April 3, 1876

Meeting held April 3rd, 1876.  Opened with singingMy God the Spring of all my joys.  Prayer by Sister Peel.  Minutes of former meeting were read and acceppted.  Also reports of donations and disbursements.

Sister Morrison talked of the imigration and of the responsibility that rested upon us as Saints of the most High.  That we had come up to Zion, received our wishings and ... and new of the blessings accrueing from observance of the ordinances.  That it was our duty to use every lawful effort in our power to assist in the gathering of the honest in heart, that they too, might have an opportunity of coming up to Zion to learn the law of the Lord and assist in building up his kingdom that His will might be done on earth as it was done in heaven.

Fifteen of the sisters present donated liberally towards the emigration and a general good feeling was present.

Sister Peel bore her testimony.  Sister Simpson said she was desirous to live her religion and walk in humility and do unto others as she would be done unto.. hoped to live to do the will of the Lord and keep His commandments.

Sister c. Peterson said she felt well in the church and kingdom of God, and was desirousto do all the good she could and share her faith by her works.  Many of the sisters bore their testimony in the Danish language.

There was a great deal said about the dirty meeting house and two of the sisters were appointed as  a d....tion.  Sister Peel and Simpson to call upon Bishop  to see what arrangemments could be entered into that it might be regularly cleaned and attended to, knowing that the state in which it was now kept was a disgrace to Mt. Pleasant. 

It was proposed and seconded that Sister Stena Nelson be admitted as a member of our Sociiety.  Vote was unanimous.

Meeting closed with singing "From all That Dwells Beneath the Skies.

Benediction by Sister Jensen.

MFCMorrison President

Secretary .....