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Female Relief Society ~ December 1876

Female Relief Society ~ December 1876

Meeting Held December 1876.  Opened with singing: "O Ye Mountains High".  Prayer by Sister Peel.
Singing: "Come All the Saints Who Dwell On Earth".
Sister Morrison then rose and opened the meeting in the usual manner and read a letter of Eliza Snow about dressing the dead and  said that the garments always must be placed on the body , then the shirt or sh**y and the robe shall be placed on the right shoulder and then for all things.
She wanted to hear how we was going on  with the wheat matter.  She wanted Sister Morrison to write with return mail how much we have all  each gathered and hoped that we was working with success.  

Then Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters and said that before she left her home, she called on the Lord, that He may give her so much of the good spirit that would lead and guide her in as much as we would have a good meeting and that the same spirit may bless us; that good principle and the plan of salvation may be l **ted out in such a manner that we all would be benefitted by.  For the Spirit of spirit of distruction is always on hand to lead us astray, and he makes himself known where ever a good act will find its way.  After she laid out many good principles, she gave room for other to talk, and hope that all the sisters will bear their testimony.  

Sister Peel then rose and felt well for the opportunity to be together with the Sisters, for their testimonies and then spoke about some business matter of the Society, with much conversation took up a good part of the time.  Sister Simpson and a few others spoke afterwards and the meeting was closed with prayer.
MC Morrison, Pres
L Hasler, Sec

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Female Relief Society October 1876 ~ Donations

Female Relief Society October 29, 1876

Sister Jensen Peterson 36 pounds of Flour.  1 Doz +3 eggs,  3 dozen apples, 2 1/2 lbs of soap.  4 quilt blocks, 3 lbs of meat.

November 20th Sister D.......Christensen:  21 lbs of flour ......eggs
Sister Monroe and Becksted:  20 1/2 lbs flour and 8 lbs of meat, 4 1/2 soap and 7 eggs

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Female Relief Society October 14, 1876

Opened with singing.
Prayer by Sister Peel

Sister Morrison addressed the sisters and felt glad to meet again and  bear testimony of the true gospel.  She said there was one thing that presses on her mind; it was the principle of Polygamy.  She always felt proud to be a wife of a polygamist.  The principle is true and holy and we should express to our children and make them understand that it is our honor to be a wife of a good man that has more wives. ......then to marry a man that believes not in the principle. Although there was trouble and strife enough with it, it was the surest way to gain exaltation in the world to come.  She also spoke of the great privilege  that was given to us to build temples to the Lord and encouraged the Sisters to use all the power and opportunity to help and sustain them to build it.
After this good instruction, she gave pause for the sisters to talk.  Sister Fechser gave report from the conference and about Sister Eliza Snow about the articles from here to the Fair.

Then Sister Peel bore her testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, felt well and had a desire to do all the good she can and sustain the poor and keep the commandments of God.  Sister Simpson also expressed the privileges to meet with the sisters.  She spoke about the "Women's Exponent"; what a good paper it was and said it ought to be read in every house and family.  She thought it was about the best literature that a woman could care for and we will never fail to have some good by reading it.

Several of the other sisters spoke in a good spirit.    The meeting was dismissed after singing the hymn "Come Let Us Rejoice".

Closing Prayer by Sister Peel

MFMC  Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler, Sec

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Female Relief Society Donations July 1876

Donations for Jul 1876

1st Ward : Sister Monroe Peterson: 4 G of flour,  2 t? of soap, 1/4 t? Wool, 3 dozen eggs, 3 quilt blocks
                 Sister Didwell Christensen:  27 t? flour, 11 eggs, 1 soap

3rd Ward  Sister Bertelson and Ericksen: 57 ?? (could be pounds), 2 ?? cheese, 2 doz eggs, 3 eggs, 4 ?? soap.
                  Sister Sinaguard Olsen:  49 ?? flour, 2doz 2 eggs, 1 1/2 ?? soap

Monday, February 28, 2011

Female Relief Society, August, 1876

Meeting Held August 11th.  Opened with singing "Guide Us O Thou Great Jehova".  Prayer by Brother Page.  Singing, "O Firming Foundation".  Sister Morrison introduced Brother Page to the sisters and was glad for the opportunity of having him in our midst to speak a word of import to us. 

Brother Page rose and spoke especially of faith, showed us how to obtain faith, to get all things we need in time.  He taught us to keep the commandments of the Lord and to teach our children to do the same by prayer.  He introduced us to some of the stories of his life; how he was traveling from settlement to setttlement to bless the sick and the afflicted, what a great comfort it was to him when he could do good; how the Lord blessed him through faith in the Lord.  All his remarks were very interesting and instructive.  He also encouraged the sisters for the good of our society, and promised to come agian whenever the spirit directed him to do so. 

Sister Morrison then said that she feels the great responsibility that rests upon her to lead this society and felt built up by the good instruction of Brother Page and invited him to come again.

Sister Peel, Sister Simpson and Sister Peterson bore faithful testimony to the truth of the Gospel and all went away rejoicing after singing and prayer.

MFMC Morrison, President
Louise Hasler, Secretary

Monday, January 31, 2011

Female Relief Society, July 11, 1876

Meeting held the 11th of July 1876.  Opened with the singing of "All praise to .......... .... Lord.  Prayer by Sister Peel.  Sing " O Jesus the Giver".  Sister Morrison addressed the sisters.  - She felt well and although the meeting with few attended, she hoped that the good spirit will be with us that we would have a good meeting .  Her remarks were reflective take of the last century and particularly of the great spirits that made themselves now ....... to the nation....showed all great things were completed in the past.  She reflected of the great spirits and the great work that in that past century came forward......the reason of thankfulness for us as a peopleand the corruption of the nation that ...... prophets, hoped that in this century this great work will come to its perfection and our children will praise the glorious work, even ......
She  made some remarks about the 4th of July happy the day past and ... pleasure we have to see our raising generations turn out so nice  and how they enjuoyed themselves in a good manner.  Then she spoke a good deal about the silk worm and prosperity and hoped that we would bring to a success .  After that she read some pieces from the "Women's Exponent" showing how good it would be to receive this paper and just ...... Sister to ....... to take the paper .....introducing in their families and to their children.  All her remarks were in earnest and expressive language.  Sister Madsen, Sister Peel, Sister Simpson and some of the other sisters spoke and bore their faithful testimoy to the gospels and to..... A good spririt prevailed.
MFC Morrison, President
Louise Hasler, Secretary

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Female Relief Society June 24, 1876

Meeting held Jun 24, 1876. Opened with Singing. Prayer by Sister Peel

Donations made as follows:  (Flour  - Eggs-  Soap)

Female Relief Society May , 1876

Meeting held May 18,1876.  Opened with singing "Oh God the Spring of All my Joys".  Prayer by Sister Peel.  Singing: "Come Dearest Lord".  Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters and showed them things going to the fair in Salt Lake City for all the Sisters could see it.  It was all well received and it was moved and seconded that the flower bouquet after it was showed at the expedition should be sent to sister Eliza S. Snow to be accepted as a present from the Sisters of the Female Relief Society of Mount Pleasant which was unanimous.  Then Sister Morrison rose and felt well and thankful to meet again and brought in remembering the greatnes of the Lord, how he shows himself in everything like it was said in the scripture that when we would see all those things coming to pass, we would which time over life, not only in our town all the territory; we hear with ...... , but after all ...look at all things, the Lord was merciful to us.  .. is still some left that will grow up for our good.  She said that we gain much reason for thankfullness.  Also she made remarks about the .. Lady's Society that were not attended as well as it .... she wants the sisters to remember and uses all their influence upon their children and send them to that meeting and sustain Sis Fechser that was willing to teach them, and it was just all well their duty to go to meeting as it were for the older sisters.  Sister Simpson said that she felt well and pleased for all she have seen worked up from our Sisters and felt  to sustain the ...Lady Soc.  Sister Peel felt well and thankful to meet with the sisters.  she said that ever since she joned in this church she felt to sustain everyting good that she felt all the time her life with the Latter day Saints and keep the commandments of the Lord.  Sister.... felt greatly pleased she have a desire to come again and said that she like the life with this people and......Prayer by Sister Petersen.  Closed iwth singing.

MFC Morrison
Louise Hasler